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To change the standards of what a man is, what a woman is, what beauty and love is, through the films I make and the stories I tell. I spoke from my heart, and she was so drawn into it her eyes widened and her jaw was dropping. Gentlemen, stand up for what you believe in.

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Changing the perception that Asian men are not dateable starts from you! You can only change her heart and emotions. And I think that starts with how you choose to engage AFs either in a constructive, healthy, and holistic manner or in combative, non-productive way. In all cases, we are being dictated, Hollywood-splaind and Asian female-splained, as to what WE as Asian men should be.

Well fuck that, let me make my own choice of what it means to be an Asian man. I personally believe that Asian men should live a holistic lifestyle, one that is well rounded, that seeks our own happiness, but also creating happiness in others. If your opinion is about a ongoing event, there will usually be a mega thread where you can discuss there.

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Please note that obscure topics and meta commentaries on the subreddit do not constitute a valid unpopular opinion post. The only reason white men date Asian women is because they want to live out their white power fantasies self. But I've heard complaints from Asian men about how Asian women only want to be with white men.

Yellow Fever 2

So maybe there is pressure on both ends. Here is a study claiming that whites are attracted to Asians in part because they associate stereotyped Asian phenotypes with femininity.

Here is a paper exploring gender asymmetries in interracial marriage based on facial attractiveness black male-white female partnerships are more common than black female-white male, and Asian female-white male are twice as common as Asian male-white female. They find that black males have the highest facial attractiveness among males, and Asian females have the highest among females. This is a common misconception that the desire for Asian women drives this dynamic. This has been shown to be false by various studies S1 , S2 , S3 , S4.

It is in fact the preference of AF for WM that is responsible. The following finding is from the American Journal of Sociology article:. Yet we do not find that white men show particular preference for Asian women. Instead it is Asian women who are more responsive to white men. Your personal anecdotes aren't relevant. This doesn't speak directly to your question, but according to census data PDF , about 9. Pew Research Center has also looked at this.

Perhaps people who are more likely to marry out of race are more likely to be college educated exposed to more people, ideas, races, etc.? One thing to consider is that there are simply a lot more Hispanic people in the US than Asian people. One hypothesis to investigate is whether asian women are "overrepresented" in high-paying careers, or in college programs leading to those careers, relative to their male counterparts. That chart doesn't say, but perhaps the underlying data does. That just seems like what's readily available.

'The Asian Playboy' Has the Perfect Response to Asian Women Who Say They 'Don't Date Asian Men'

Also, many Hispanics could be considered white by some definitions. I'd hazard a guess that Asian Americans who marry out tend to be wealthier on average, because the poorest Asians recent immigrants from Southeast Asia or Oceania are unlikely to marry out of their group. I'm not sure what you mean. If you're saying that there are more interracial marriages in places where there is more diversity, then yes.

Hispanic is a term that, I believe, refers to the primary language of a person, rather than their race. However, for whatever reason my background is economics, not demographics , "Hispanic" and "White Non-Hispanic" are things that they track. I suppose part of it has to do with the fact that someone who immigrated from Argentina, who might appear very southern European in complexion, is culturally different than a descendant of Spanish immigrants who was born and raised in the US. Hispanic refers to ethnicity, not language.

‘The Asian Playboy’ Has the Perfect Response to Asian Women Who Say They ‘Don’t Date Asian Men’

There are many languages in South and Central America. As regards your question, Pew comes to the rescue yet again.

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  • The paper says that Hispanics themselves consider Hispanic to be a race, which is not reflected in US conceptions of race. That is partly the reason why Hispanic is tracked separate from White.

    Welcome to Reddit,

    This blog post explains the distinction between race and ethnicity as accepted in the west: I am personally surprised if Hispanic is not tracked also because they are the largest immigrant group in the States, but I have yet to find a source for this hypothesis. I was going off of this definition , which is probably a bit imprecise from an academic perspective.

    Well, mostly just the two, but yes. Are Brazilians considered Hispanic? What about people from Mexico that still speak their native toungues? According to this source, mmmaybe? What I learned from this experience is that the US construct of race is not universal, and fundamentally different from the Latin construct of race, and that everybody is just as confused as you and I. I'm saying that these languages exist, not that they are significant in the population. If we were being intellectually honest, I found a number of sources that confirmed your original definition turns out, Hispanic and Latin is not the same thing , but to me and apparently the Census people, it seemed incomplete.